22 janeiro 2011

Blue eyes

Ok, I'll try to write in english
For you
Because you deserve all
Of me.
Sorry about the prepositions
You've been working hard
But you know,
I'm the Incredible falible
I write wrong,
But my feelings are true.
And I know you love me 
You're the kind of person
Who loves people
As they are.
I admire you a lot,
I can see your strenght,
Behind your delicate, beautiful and colored face.
Are you sure you need to have those blue eyes?
This is so much!
So much beauty
So much love
So much bright
In my sister.
Thank you forever for all
For wanting me here
For cheering for me
For protecting me
And for teaching me how to make a good fish ;)
I love you San
Happy birthday Sis 

Um comentário:

  1. I love it! And I love you!!! Thank you for writing in English; it's perfect! I hope we have many more days of teaching each other, laughing together, dancing and cooking together; Days with champagne and nights with karoake! Margaritas, ice cold beers, and bottles of wine. Oba!!!


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